Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Remodeling Green

From Jetson Green (via Reuters) are ten practical steps you can take "green remodel" your home. As a renter I feel so disconnected from the idea of making my place greener...but that's no excuse not to at least change the lightbulbs (in progress), monitor the natural gas usage and waterflow (slightly guilty) and recycle.

Also, I'm finally starting to notice more AdWords (Google text ads) popping up for green build/remodel companies like Tellus Group in Santa Ana, CA, which tends to come up near the top of a "green remodel" search. We'll see more companies bidding on these keywords is my guess.

Finally, here's LivingGreen, a California retailer of green home design products, with three Southern Cal locations. This business is a relative veteran in the green retailing space, as it was launched by Ellen Strickland in 1999.

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