Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday Links

Links on a Wednesday:

Wild Green Yonder on City Farming- the emerging trend of actually growing food on urban plots, and a potentially huge step in the "locavore" movement of sourcing food locally.

PeakEnergy lists the top 10 CleanTech stories of 2007. Some very interesting stories, including blog buzz about whether buying carbon offsets is an odd philosophical compromise or an indicator of a very conscientious consumer, and some top-notch investigation by the Clean Tech blog about IBM's movement into solar.

Interesting take for cleantech investors from AltEnergyStocks on what percentage of a public company's business should be green-oriented to constitute a green investment. GE is the case in point, and the author devises a "Green P/E" and concludes that GE's is $282; you have to buy $282 of GE stock to get $1 of alternative energy earnings (since, per the critics, only 6% of their business is focused on alternative energy and other cleantech stuff.)

Inspiring story for employers from Renewable Energy Access about how alternative energy companies also lead the way in offering innovative benefits supporting green activities to their like-minded employees.

Press release about REI's second LEED-certified retail location.

Did you know people with common interests in the environment may already be meeting for drinks regularly in your neighborhood through Here's where the Orange County, CA-ites congregate.

Learned about the GreenDrinks meetups above from, based in Long Beach, CA.

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