Saturday, December 08, 2007

Last Minute Green and Good Gifts

You're still Christmas shopping, aren't you? That's okay, so am I. Plenty of time!

On the web, there are more resources on the web than you or are I know to help us out of this fix. But this Christmas you want to do something special and buy your friends and family something special- a green gift, or a gift with a Good company behind it.

Why? Because you are a Considerate Consumer.

Inhabitat's holiday gift guide
Evo - green stuff, rated
ThisNext's green Christmas gift guide
Green and Greener
Treehugger's guide
Etsy, a directory of handmade things from all over the world

And case you don't have time to consult one of these many guides, go with The Optimist's favorite gifts of 2007 (sorted by price point in ascending order!)

The Bulb- it's better than your standard
Good Magazine- good reading about good stuff!
T-shirts from Save the Ta-Tas
TOMS Shoes- buy one, one gets donated!
Freitag- stylish messenger bags made from recycled transportation tarps
The Laptop project- buy one, one gets donated! (I love that idea)
Tesla Motors - high end sportster
LivingHomes- amazing, low eco-footprint, LEED Platinum homes

Happy Holidays!

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